Granular Fertilizers

various and wide range of granular fertilizers, used for direct spreading on the soil pre planting or for trees and open field crops











For what, it's recommended to use granular fertilizers?


For planting crops which depend in watering by rainfall
For poor, sandy, and saline soil
For planting in heavy rains climate
For planting without continuous irrigation
For economical reason and cost saving




Using of granular fertilizers based on release time:

Slow Release Granular
used in heavy rain climate
used in crops which need high watering rates
used in long shelf life crops
used in soil which contain high organic matter and other nutrients


Fast release granules
used in limited rains climate
used in limited water case
used in short shelf life crop
used in poor soil



Mixed release granular type is granular contain 1 or 2 nutrients slow or fast release in action




Most important products


(1) Granular minor elements which contain single minor elements or contain mix of many minor elements

Example: Granular Booster

(8%MgO + 3%Zn + 3%Mn + 3%Fe + 10%Organic Matter)

Used to break dormancy and activate the biological and enzymatic system in plants and trees




(2) Granular Salinity corrector

 (12%CaO + 4%MgO + 9%S + 20%Organic Matter)

Used to reduce salinity of soil and before flowering stage in trees



(3) Customized granular products based on technical needs or certain uses of client and importer

(4) Granular products range very rich in SiO2 (Silica)




Benefits of Silica (Si) for plants:


(A) Resistance to disease and pest
Si provide physical barrier to pathogens and insect, due to Si deposition on the epidermis tissue

(B) Cell structure
Increase the mechanical stability of the plant and reduce the incident of lodging, due to Si accumulation in tissue

(C) Increase and regulate uptake of other nutrients

(D) Resistance of stress
Transpiration rate reduction due to heat stress
Reduce salt stress by inhibiting Sodium uptake



Crops in which Si work:

Rice         Cotton          Sugar Cane              Potato           Banana              Turf

Vegetables: Tomato, strawberry, onion, Cucurbit
Fruit Trees: Avocado, pomegranate, Date Palm, ….



Main SiO2 Granular products:

Granular Complex (10%K2O + 7%CaO + 1.5%MgO + 45%SiO2)
Granular SilFe (15%Fe + 44%SiO2)
Granular Minor Elements Mix (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, B, MgO, CaO, Mo, ….) + 40%SiO2

And many other customized Granular formulas based on importer request:
(N + Si) (NP + Si) (PK + Si) (CaO + MgO + Si) …….