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Complex of Potassium Boron

40% K2O + 10% B











100% water soluble potassium boron complex , free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals

Contain high potassium and Boron with PH (9.0)

Free of carbonate, sulfate, nitrate, and other mineral salts

Supply pure Boron with ideal uptake conditions, which make its action very fast and unique

Supply Potassium, which necessary for flower and fruit setting

Highly soluble source of Boron , 4 times more soluble than boric acid

Physically stable as solid form and relatively much cheaper than liquid boron products



Application Rates

Used before flowering stage till end of fruit setting stage 
Used to prevent and treat deficiency of Boron during any time of plant cycle

Foliar: 1 kg/1000 liters of water
Drip irrigation: 2.5 – 4 kg/H
Center Pivot: 2 – 3 kg/H





can be mixed with potassium nitrate only
Please do Jar test before mixing with any pesticides