Calcium Magnesium

12%N + 15%CaO + 5%MgO + 0.5%B + 5%Organics
PH 6.0   

Density 1.45 kg/L











A pure liquid free of heavy metals and harmful elements

Contain high calcium and magnesium, beside nitrogen and organic matter

Can be used during any stage of plants growth

Prevent and treat deficiency symptoms of calcium and magnesium

Help healthy growth for all plants parts from roots to highest (stem, branches, flower, leaf)

Improve quality and hardness of fruits

Suitable for types of crops and soil

Can be used for hydroponic planting and in all irrigation systems



Application Rates

Foliar: 1 – 2 liter per 1000 liter of water
Drip Irrigation: 5 – 10 liter / H
Center pivot: 4 – 8 liter / H



Usage Rate

every 4 – 7 days, during any stage of plants growth




Don’t mix with any acidic, alkaline products
Don’t mix with any product contain sulfur or phosphorus
Please do jar test before mixing with any pesticides