Salinity corrector

10%N + 12%CaO + 1%MgO + 20%Organics (w/v)
PH 6.0            

Density 1.3 kg/L










A pure liquid contains high calcium and organic matter, beside nitrogen and magnesium

Reduce side effects of saline soil and water, by increasing ion exchange between sodium and calcium, beside forming organic compounds with chlorine. that lead to better root zone with lower stress and ideal growth

Improve biological activities inside plants and root zone, due to rich content of soluble organic matter

Used before or after three days of fertilizing

Give plants and crops healthy and fast growth, despite salinity stress of soil or water

Can be used during any stage of plants and crops growth

Can be used in all irrigation systems and for all plants



Application Rates

Drip Irrigation: 5 – 15 liter / H
Center pivot: 8 – 12 liter / H



Usage Rate


weekly, during any stage of plants growth




Don’t mix with any products