Liquid KPS

36%K2O + 36%S (w/v)
PH 9.65
Density 1.45 kg/












A pure liquid is consisting of equal ratio of potassium and sulfur, by chemical bond make it unique in chemicals properties and solubility rate

Free of potassium carbonate, harmful elements and heavy metals

Very Rich in sulfur in sulfate form, which is ready for uptake by plants. that make it better than Thiosulfate products which it not ready for uptake form

Highly soluble form of potassium sulfur complex, which make it better than using potassium sulfate which is limited in solubility and efficiency in cold weather

Have lower PH than all types liquid potassium derived from (bicarbonate / carbonate / silicate...)

Used in low dosage at the mid of production stage or fruits sizing, which make it economical choice and efficient factor for yield

Improve coloring, taste, and quality with high fruits sizing rate



Application Rates

Foliar: ½ – 1 liter per 1000 liter of water
Drip Irrigation: 5 – 10 liter / H
Center pivot: 4 – 8 liter / H



Usage Rate

every 4 – 7 days, after mid of production stage





Don’t mix with any products