Seaweed Extract liquid

15% Seaweed Extract
Density 1.2 kg/L   PH 9.0












Pure organic liquid free of all harmful elements and heavy metals


Derived from purest and highest types of seaweed, and very rich in:


* cytokines and auxins
* vitamins, natural chelating agents, and amino acids
* Alginic acid
* Minor Elements



Contain good content of potassium, which is plant nutrient and help to increase plant resistance to disease

Resist fungi and harmful disease in the soil. which help in root development

Improve soil moisture, chelating of elements and nutrients uptake by roots

Increase chlorophyll content of plants and improve healthy conditions of flowers




Application rates


Foliar: 1 liter per 1000 liter of water
Drip irrigation: 5 – 10 liter /H
Center Pivot: 4 – 6 liter / H





every 7 – 14 days since early stage of growth till fruit setting





don’t mix with any products