Humic Fulvic liquid

6 %K2O + 10%Humic acid + 5%Fulvic Acid (w/w)

Pure technical grade liquid product used in all irrigation systems
Density 1.1 kg/L min                  PH 10










Concentrated organic liquid of potassium Humate and Fulvate, free of chloride, sodium and heavy metals

Develop strong and healthy roots in very short time, due to liberating phosphorus with calcium at same time, with high soluble carbon chains




Improve physical and chemical properties of soil:


* Increase organic content in root zone, which improve biological activities of plants

* Increase ion exchange capacity

* Liberate insoluble calcium and phosphorus

* Reduce salinity and alkalinity

* Improve structure and water hold up capacity


Improve nutrients uptake and increase growth rate in all plants parts from root to top




Application Rates


Used during any stage of plant cycle to improve growth and nutrients uptake

Drip irrigation: 5 – 15 kg/H
Center Pivot: 5 – 10 kg/H





Don’t mix with products