Organic Powder Calcium

28%CaO + 24% C













100% water soluble organic chelated Calcium, free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals

Contain high Calcium and carbon with neutral PH

Free of carbonate, sulfate, nitrate, and other mineral salts

Supply pure Calcium with ideal uptake conditions, which make its action very fast and unique

Supply Carbon, which stimulate biological activities of plant and root zone

Efficiency of organic Calcium form is double and triple of other mineral Calcium salts


Supply calcium without any worries about residual effect on fruits in case of Foliar application




Improve and increase


Fruit quality (Hardness)
Yield due to positive effects of calcium on good flowers conditions
Stem and branching hardness
Plant resistance to diseases and stress



Application Rates


Used at end of flowering stage till end of production 
Used to prevent and treat deficiency of Calcium during any time of plant cycle

Foliar: 1 – 2 kg/1000 liters of water
Drip irrigation: 10 – 20 kg/H
Center Pivot: 6 – 12 kg/H




can be mixed with boric acid and potassium nitrate only
Please do Jar test before mixing with any pesticides