Organic phosphorus liquid

12 – 50 – 0 + 20%C (w/v)
PH 6.0   Density 1.45 kg/L














Pure and viscous liquid with high content of phosphorus, carbon, and nitrogen

Free of all harmful elements and heavy metals

All nutrients are in organic form and stable by chemical bonds

Applicable as Foliar and in all irrigation systems

Supplying plants and crops with phosphorus and carbon beside good content of Nitrogen without causing any stress

Improve root growth, beside increasing flowering rate and branching in all plants parts

Increase biological activities in root zone and inside plants due to rich content of soluble carbon

Accelerate growth from root to highest point in plant, beside making flowering early




Application rates


Foliar: 1 – 2 liter per 1000 liter of water
Drip irrigation: 10 – 15 liter /H
Center Pivot: 5 – 10 liter / H




every 4 – 7 days since early stage of growth till end of flowering stage





don’t mix with any products