Spreading and Sticking Agent

Organic Liquid Nitrogen
5% N + 30%C (w/v)


Pure technical grade liquid product used with Foliar


fertilizers and pesticides

Density 1.3 kg/L min                  PH 4.0












Highly viscous liquid contains low nitrogen and very high carbon percentages

Free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals

Reduce surface tension of foliar spray, so it increases contact time of solution drops and leaves

Increase sticking strength between foliar sprays and leaves

Biological stimulant, due to high content of soluble carbon

Improve foliar fertilizers and pesticides efficiency, which will lead to reduce need for foliar spray times






Dissolve in water after dissolving the pesticides or Foliar NPK
Please do Jar test before using with any product

250 – 500 ml /1000 liters of water