Balanced Formulas Powder Products












100% water soluble NPK, Free of Chloride, Sodium, and heavy metals

Balanced content supply equal amounts of main nutrients NPK

Very rich content of Minor Elements (Fe, Zn, Mn, B, Mo) and organic compounds stimulate the biological and enzymatic activities of plant
(NPK+ Ca contain B and organic compounds only)


General Booster increase activities and growth in plants

Acidic NPK (PH < 2.5), which resist hardness of water and alkalinity of soil

Used for all plants and crops, as Foliar fertilizer and by other irrigation systems



Application Rates


Used during any stage of plant cycle to improve growth
Used to supply equal amount of NPK

Foliar: 1 – 2 kg/1000 liters of water
Drip irrigation: 10 – 20 kg/H
Center Pivot: 6 – 12 kg/H




Don’t mix with Alkaline products, Calcium products, and strong acids
Please do Jar test before mixing with any pesticides